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‘Put Upon’ (Mitch Jameson, 2012) BB, 27", ML

Our friend Mitch Jameson of St. Joseph, MO has a knack for breeding and selecting colorful irises.  This well-formed border bearded is no exception.  Gleaming in tangerine with royal burgundy brushstrokes 'put upon' the falls, this flower sings its tune in the last half of the season—a colorfully brilliant way to usher in summer!  Originally this was registered as a TB, but it's settled out into the BB class, though in superb growing conditions it might reach a little taller.  Horticultural rules aside, this excellently branched plant fills out into a fine clump at a steady rate over a few seasons.  Stemming from Mitch's 'Diva Do' and Keith Keppel's 'Flights of Fancy', the progenitor seedling of 'Put Upon' lacked good growth habits.  Crossed with Paul Black's 'Rainbow Tour' the resulting seedlings showed promise.  In 1997, Mitch selected 'Put Upon'.

Official description:  S. apricot; F. apricot washed burgundy; beards orange.  Parentage: 1-95: (Diva Do x Flights of Fancy) X Rainbow Tour.