Iris Field in Bloom
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    (Carol Coleman, 2007) Sdlg. 00 SDB E-5. SDB, 14" (36 cm), ML
    We've really come to like 'Light Dancer' for its solid growth habits and showy flowers.  It's soft creamy, yellow-green flowers make it a perfect blender and accent plant for a whole host of spring-flowering perennials.  Consider picking a few up for your perennial border for a simple, well-designed look. Photo by Carol Coleman.
    Official description:
    S. medium greenish-yellow, green midrib; style arms light greenish-yellow, light violet midrib; F. light greenish-yellow, plum wine halo around beards, very light line from tips of beards to bottom of halo; beards olive bronze, light purplish-blue at end; slight spicy fragrance. James Bond X unknown.